What can we do for you?

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Companionship and activity


Everyone knows that social interactions vital to our general health and mental wellbeing. Conversation, companionship and general friendship keep us stimulated.

The Friendship Tree is not a care agency, we are under no pressure to be at another appointment and we will take the time to chat, go for a walk, pop to a cafe ... we can tailor a visit or outing to your requirements. Fancy a game of chess?

When we are with you - you have 100% of our time and attention.

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Help with household activities


We can assist with a whole range of household jobs such as 

  • Shopping (online or in store) 

  • Checking and restocking the fridge and fresh foods 

  • Helping to prepare light meals, peeling vegetables etc

  • Vetting trades people and waiting in while jobs are done

  • Sorting recycling and putting bins out

  • Checking safety and security of the home

Just ask and we will build a schedule around your requirements.

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Personal support


While we cannot provide personal care we can undertake a range of activities to help with wellbeing and provide reassurance to the wider family such as 

  • Attending hospital / doctor appointments

  • Picking up prescriptions

  • Attend appointments as a trusted second pair of eyes / ears

  • Help with technology set up - wi-fi, mobile phone set up, video calls etc

  • Help with reviewing energy deals etc and other household bills then providing options to the family

Again this is just a sample of the services we can provide - we will try to accommodate whatever you need.

Three Generations

Family support


Modern life is hectic and with families living further apart, or even on different continents, we need help to keep us all together. Even those who live close by cannot be there at all times and often our relatives will not ask for help  - so what can we do to make your lives easier? 

  • Regular scheduled visits that will mean your relatives are provided with support and stimulation

  • Short term support while the family is away on holiday

  • Attend appointments as a trusted second pair of eyes / ears if a family member cannot be there

  • Importantly - Provide feedback to family members after each visit

Just tell us what you need and we will try to arrange our services accordingly.